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Your cell phone has a name! Mine.


  1. An urban legend has been spreading through Facebook. It goes like this: 
  2. -
  3. When you do that, there's an 0.1% chance you'll discover that your cell phone's name is... Zach Seward. That's because typing @[NNN:0] on Facebook is a shortcut for referencing a Facebook ID, and mine is 185. (I was an early user.) Thus:
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  7. I guess a lot of people are trying out this "trick" because, though I'm just 1 of 900 options, my name seems to be coming up quite a bit. Last month, I started receiving private Facebook messages from strangers along the lines of this one: "Who are you cause I did this thing on my phone and my phone has your name, sorry to bother u I'm not some wierdo." And there have been plenty of tweets.
  8. I would be disappointed, too.
  9. By the way, this isn't the first time my diminutive ID has led to some weirdness on Facebook. In 2010, a bug misdirected strangers' private messages to early Facebook users like me.