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Lots of people tried out sparklines embedded in tweets after my post. I'm collecting some here.


  1. A birder graphed his year list.

  2. One man's perfect iTunes equalizer settings:

  3. Spaces between the blocks work well with small datasets.

  4. Sports, unsurprisingly, are a good source of data for sparktweets. I really like this guy's variation, which visualizes wins and losses by the Cleveland Indians this season:
  5. David from the Data Collective applied his tool to the recent decline in housing prices.
  6. Scott tweeted Skype's valuations over time.
  7. I guess it was not so pleasant downtown today.
  8. And this made me laugh:
  9. Sparktweets really took off after attracting notice from Andy Baio, Anil Dash, Jason Kottke, and John Gruber. Among my favorites was Disney's status bar, a clever, playful takeoff.  

  10. This guy graphed his Nike+ data:
  11. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation tried it!
  12. So did, Time magazine, sort of:
  13. This sparktweet actually taught me something new: