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  1. LosAngeles, USA – 12 May 2017 – Veneers Specialist Los Angeles presents Dr. BaruchTwersky. Dr. Baruch Twersky is a Doctor of Dental Medicine, who graduated Universityof Pennsylvania, School of Dentistry in 1978. Dr. Baruch Twersky is apracticing doctor and veneers specialist in Los Angeles, USA. Veneers arecomposite, ceramic or porcelain plates placed on the vestibular surface of thefront teeth. It is worth noting that if earlier only the front teeth werecorrected with the veneers, today, thanks to the development of dentistry, theyare used up to the second premolar.
    Veneersallow the restoration in the shortest time (up to 1 day) of even those teeththat have been significantly damaged or destroyed to the level of the gums.Veneers are completely indistinguishable from real teeth, as they are selectedand manufactured taking into account the color of the patient's teeth. The costof veneers is determined during an individual consultation, based on the stateof the patient's teeth and the technology used. There are several types ofveneers that differ in the material from which they are made.
    Compositeveneers are in fact, exquisite workmanship or the art of teeth restoration. Such veneers are madefrom composite (filling) material directly in the patient's mouth. Theiradvantages are speed (installation of composite veneers takes just one visit)and gentle technology (it is not necessary to grind your teeth, removing asignificant layer of enamel). Ceramic veneers are manufactured in a laboratoryof ceramics or medical porcelain and fixed with cement to the surface of thepre-sharpened tooth. This method of restoration is suitable for restoring teeththat have changed color, worn or were significantly damaged. Veneers can beinstalled on intact (healthy) teeth, as well as on depulled teeth treated aftercomplicated caries. Most veneers are made for the front teeth (smile zone),therefore one of the most important stages in the restoration technique is thepreservation of contact points on the tooth or their modeling on veneer.
    About Dr.Baruch Twersky:
    Dr. Baruch Twersky is a dentist specialized in veneers and you might check hisworks and past patients on website Veneers Specialist Los Angeles in categoryBefore and After. With over 35 years’ experience in private practice, Dr.Twersky has attended various continuing Education Seminars, where he hasexpanded his expertise in cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry, to offer hisclients the most amazing and beautiful smile.

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