1. What is meant by impaired driving?

    Alcohol is the major factor that is involved in majority of the motor vehicle collisions. The higher alcohol level in the body leads to greater risk of crashing. A person operating a vehicle under the drug or alcohol influence is known as impaired driving. Whether a person drives a car, boat, truck or any other off road vehicle under the alcohol influence it is an impaired driving. This is a crime that comes under the driving under the influence law or DUI. People who drink and drive vehicles need to face the consequences. They may lose their driving license, have their vehicle impounded and need to attend a treatment or education program. Even there are some cases in which a person who drinks and drives the vehicle will spend his or her time in jail or need to pay a penalty. The driving under the influence law differs in various countries.

  2. Drinking and driving

    A single drink can reduce the ability of people to response to the things happening suddenly while they are driving. The outcomes of alcohol include double or blurred vision, slowed reflexes and impaired attention. The life of a person and lives of other people can change drastically if he or she drives the vehicle after drinking alcohol. The level of alcohol in the body is determined by the alcohol amount present in the blood. This is known as blood alcohol concentration. Some of the factors that affect the blood alcohol level are how fast a person drinks, his body weight, his genre and the amount of food he had in his stomach. Under the DUI law there is a maximum legal blood alcohol concentration in the blood of the drunk and drive person. If any of them goes beyond the maximum BAC, they will need to face the provincial administrative penalties or fine.

  3. How to avoid impaired driving?

    People who like to avoid driving vehicle while they are impaired by alcohol or drugs can follow these steps. First they need to make sure they have a good plan for getting home safely. Then they can ask their pharmacist or doctor about the side effects regarding the usage of prescription medication while driving. Another tip is they must read the drug information on the medicine package. Even they need to ask their doctor about how the prescription drugs could affect their alcohol and drugs together can impair them driving more than one alone.
    Drunk driving in California is a serious crime in most of the countries. A person who do impaired driving may be sentenced to jail for his carelessness and irresponsibility. The traffic controllers will inspect the drivers a random breath testing to detect the impaired driving of a person. Even people who are driver trainers including driver assessors or driving instructors need to undergo this test. People who are novice driver and have their license suspended for impaired driving will get their license cancelled by DUI law. They need to retake all the driving tests and pay back all the fees.