The Multifaceted Multimedia

The new approach to journalism


  1. In commencing my studies of JRNL102, I had begun to explore the vast and varied way that journalists of our day are telling stories from around the world. For stories have never been this accessible, this collaborative, this ingeniutive in the technology that our generation is lucky to have at our disposal. In utliising these advangtages of convergent media, stories come to lie in ways that were unforseen prior to the 21st century. Here I have included a few examples of what I think are good examples of multimedia stories:
  2. In paying homage to Cecil and his untimely death, ABC news used storify to raise awareness of the commonplace act of hunting from around the world. In following hashtags such as #hunting, this news channel was able to collect a gallery of photos that hunters had uploaded of their 'prizes'. This effective manipulation of social media hits viewers hard as they realise how many people, from an array of demographics, shamelessly show off their joy of turning animals into victims of a game. 
  3. Phillip Gallagher demonstrate how a fine example of a Podcast story can be just as engrossing as a TV documentary. His story, saved was published on BBC's 'Stories in Sound' as a podcast about John Purcell, traveller and evangelical preacher. In his smooth intergration of his interviews and non diagetic sound, Gallangher's story is informative as well as atmospheric. The applauses and echoing acoustics of Purcell's service buzzes in the background as Gallangehr describes what the ear can't see 'he's holding a bible in his hand but he's not reading it. He can't.' Hence, Gallangher combinations of narration noise and interview bites creates an engaging example of contemporary journalism. 
  4. The BBC website also hosts a good example of a collaborative and converging story: 'The Beauty of New Zealand's Night Skies'. This piece focuses on photographer, Mark Gee's, timelapse of the stars to be seen from areas such as the South Coast of Wellington. The piece is embedded with a link and presented by Kara Segedin, who writes an outlien to accompany this collaborative example of media stories.
  5. Through looking at video, podcast and web-based projects, it is clear that there are more than a variety of ways to tell an engaging story through varied disciplines that contribute to the multifaceted media.