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    8ea806a005 Required fields are marked * Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Latest side bar task manager: Genuine Windows 8 has latest side bar task manager which provides short buttons of settings, power options, search option, and windows help center. You dont need to have to do anything. Apr 24th, 2016 Advertisement Google+ Facebook Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Google+.
    [Read more&] Filed Under: Windows 10 Free Guide To Activate Windows 8 With Activator By admin Free Guide To Activate Windows 8 With Activator 3.6 (71.94%) 273 votes We have had several cases where people are not able to get their window operating system activated, there by causing random shutting down and losing important unsaved document. Because windows 8 is better than 7 in many cases once you have got used to it. You just bring mouse courser on left or right side corner, it automatically show you this side task bar. Am here to show you how to activate your Windows for free. Their tries to find windows 8 product key for themselves proves a thing that there is some issue with the windows 8 activation process or people just dont wanna spend money to purchase windows 8 product key officially from Microsoft just for a test of windows features.
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