#DonateABook and get a silly poem written just for you


  1. So I was having a lazy day. And I had this idea playing around in my head about using poetry for a fundraiser.
    Now, while I write poetry, most of it is rather questionable, even by me. But I do write, I think, decent nonsense, and I like to think I can turn out a rhyme without too much effort. So why not offer to write silly poems for people, #BecauseEveryoneShouldHaveTheirOwnPoem, yes? While this wouldn’t be immortal verse, each one would unquestionably be written for the person who asked, and hopefully, also something that would make her or him laugh, which is a cool reward. So the experimental round went okay. It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, but it was challenging, fun, and it didn’t feel like a chore. And, gratifyingly, most of the bakras patrons seemed to like what I wrote for them, or at least they were nice enough to say they did.
    So now here’s the devious plan offer for real.
    Tell me one important thing about yourself and where you’re from, and I’ll write you a short poem. Don’t expect subtlety and profundity that captures your essence; I do promise to work on your poem, to use a poetic form (most probably the limerick, or clerihews, maybe mock-senryu, even the fiendishly hard double dactyl if you have a six-syllable — or thereabouts — name and if I can manage one) and I will aim for a laugh from you.
    If you like what I send, then you must promise to support the wonderful #DonateABook initiative that Pratham Books hosts. By, you know, donating books or paying for books for children.
  2. If you'd like to support this thing, then the Tweet above is the one to RT, or you could link to this collection.
    Many thanks.
  3. Here's the #DonateABook site
  4. And this is the Pratham Books site. They're on Twitter at @prathambooks, and also on Facebook and Google+
  5. Update! Pratham Books brings a surprise to the party!
  6. I'll add the illustrations below the poems below as when Pratham Books posts.
  7. Meanwhile, if you want to remix visuals, contribute visuals, or just tell a story using visuals other people have created, go see StoryWeaver, also a Pratham Books project. StoryWeaver is on Twitter at @PBStoryWeaver and also on Facebook and YouTube

  8. So here's how this little experiment has been going. Part 1.