which car insurance company is the cheapest

which car insurance company is the cheapestwhich car insurance company is the cheapest


  1. which car insurance company is the cheapest
  2. which car insurance company is the cheapest
  3. BEST ANSWER: I recommend this site where you can compare free quotes from different companies:  http://INSUREFOREVERYBODY.INFO/index.html?src=storifyPublish 
  5. Car insurance for car hire?
  6. I'm going to Virginia for a week and will be renting a car from rentawreck.com. Would they provide insurance or would I be covered by a joint policy will my mum? BTW I'll be 18 + british. Don't say I can't rent because I can.
  7. Medical insurance for cancer patient?
  8. A family member is diagnosed with something similar as cancer. She works for a big fortunate 500 company and so far, there is no sign the company will fire her. However, the job is very stressful and when she starts chemotherapy, she will most likely take a medical leave (Not sure how long) She doesn't want to put all eggs in one basket, just in case the comapny fires her, she would lose medical insurance, and that would not be very good. Just wondering if there is a private insurance company who will never reject a cancer patient. She is very aware of the fact that premenium would be sky high, but she is willing to pay for it just in case. Any suggestions thank you"
  9. "Insurance , real estate, law question?"
  10. if a person drive a vehicle :D, the vehicle is under the other person name H, H buy the car insurance, the D doenst have the car insurance, and D get in the car accident with K, K is the one who is false, Who is the one false in this situation, it is D or K. Because K are false, will K insurance company pay all the fee in the accident and hospital? Will K insurance company pay for the damage K cause for D? Will K insurance company pay for D health injuries? Even if D doesnt have the insurance, D drive under the vehicle that belong to H, H has the vehicle AND INSURANCE UNDER HER NAME, AND D is H sister."
  11. "In an insurance policy, is a Ford Mustang qualified as sports car or coupe?"
  12. A 2005-2010 Mustang. I'm and eighteen year old, first time driver. I know insurance is going to be expensive but I heard somewhere that a mustang wasn't qualified as a sports car because of the two seats in the back, and that Ford made the Mustang a four seater for this reason. Also how expensive would it be? I live in Colorado."
  13. Why do auto insurance company ask for social security number when asking for a quote?
  14. must i give my social security number if i were to purchase a auto policy?
  15. Car insurance question?
  16. Last week, I had my husband's car parked up at work and I was notified that our car was broken into. The passenger side window was smashed and the thief took our GPS unit. The repair for the window cost 240 and the unit itself would be about 500. My husband call our insurance company and they said they wont cover it because we have a 500 dollar deductible for auto insurance and the GPS is considered home insurance which is 1,000. Is there anything that can be done to have insurance pay for this? I mean we want my company to be responsible for it but they are saying this isn't there issue. Any help would be great Thanks"
  17. Cheap car insurance companies?!?
  18. Does anyone know of any cheap or fair priced car insurance companies? Any suggestions will help??
  19. Are 100% of Americans insured with medical/dental insurance?
  20. Bet not and do they pay their medical bills? NOOOOOOOOO!!!
  21. Mens car insurace???
  22. How much more do men under 24 pay for insurance than women under 24?? On average??
  23. How much is car insurance usually in UK?
  24. I live in London and don't have a clue about this thing but I just passed my test at 29. I've got about 2670 to spend. So half of that will be for a deposit. How much do most people spend on insurance a year and what would be a cheap price range for me to look for? How much should it be for a month and what is the best insurance company?
  25. Insurance price on r32gtr?