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KONY 2012 campaign responses March 5-10, 2012

Selected online commentary responses - criticisms and defences - of Invisible Children's KONY 2012 campaign mainly from experts and professionals in relevant fields. Responses are from the period March 5-10, 2012. Selections and notes are by Zhan Li of Civic Paths


  1. Invisible Children's original media and responses

  2. Official IC KONY 2012 website and film postings
  3. IC's March 7 KONY 2012 campaign letter to President Obama
  4. IC co-founder Jason Russell thanks IC supporters for the unprecedentedly successful spread of the campaign
  5. IC's official responses to criticisms
  6. Main official IC page addressing criticisms
  7. Below is a response by IC's Communication Director, Noelle Jouglet, to criticisms voiced on
  8. Other coverage of responses by IC leaders and members
  9. Responses from Jason Russell and other IC representatives in New York Times report
  10. Interview with IC co-founder Jedidiah Jenkins for GOOD News
  11. Facebook post by John Rudolph Beaton, who works as the Crisis Tracker Project Developer for Invisible Children
  12. Blog post by IC member Scott Ross
  13. The following post appears on Charlie Beckett's (of the LSE) blog but is written by one of his students, Bridgette Bugay, who was formerly an IC worker. See later post by Beckett in the Academics section on this Storify page for his arguments against the IC campaign.