Suey Park's 'hashtag activism' brings racism out of the woodwork

With about 22,300 Twitter followers, Suey Park has made a name for herself as a "hashtag activist." While her goal is to bring awareness and to effect positive change, the discussion often mutates into a contagion that attracts both sexist and racist comments -- hate speech.


  1. On March 27, 2014, "Suey" Park, 23, mobilized her Twitter followers to attack Stephen Colbert for what she perceived as racist comments.
  2. The tweet that started #CancelColbert was later deleted but not before it started an online frenzy.
  3. Park, who uses "Suey" as a pen name, spoke to her tens of thousands of Twitter followers through her "Angry Asian Woman" persona. #CancelColbert was on the top five trending list for more than 36 hours.
  4. Many supported Park.
  5. Colbert tried to diffuse the situation with more humor.
  6. People mocked Park's efforts and called them misguided.
  7. Others tweeted personal attacks @Suey_Park. Their tweets can be characterized as sexist, racist and ignorant.