The Testimony of Samhy Mostafa

This the testimony of Samhy Mostafa , one of RSSD founders and reporters who witnessed the clashes of December 5 from both sides at Presidential Palace. Samhy Mostafa is a member of Muslim brotherhood


  1. Samhy : What is happening is ridiculous
  2. Samhy : The Muslim brotherhood has to withdrew
  3. Samhy : I am going to cry
  4. Samhy at the anti-Morsi protesters' side : Live ammunitoins you bastards
  5. Samhy at the anti-Morsi protesters' side : I carried a person shot by live ammunition
  6. Samhy : I am standing at the opposition and we are showered by live ammunition , tear gas grenades and birdshots
  7. Samhy : I am standing at the anti-president protesters which means the attack is coming from the Muslim brotherhood's side. I do not know whether it is the MB or infiltrators but there is a gunfire attack from the MB's side 
  8. Samhy : I moved to the Muslim brotherhood , I am not comfortable and all those I know I tell them to leave
  9. Samhy : I say this to Muslim brotherhood , what I know that if you have an evidence about a coup or a plot you come out and reveal it to the people other than it is nonsense and you set the country on fire
  10. Samhy : I would never imagine someone from the Muslim brotherhood would carry an automatic rifle or bird shot gun and attack his brother regardless of what he got from evidence about coup !! Go tell your people and let them know
  11. Samhy : Who is responsible for the blood on my hands now !? and the blood of those 7 MB dying in front of my eyes !?
  12. Samhy : I was being told that we got recording for thugs , videos about coups , why do not you publish these recordings !? Why are you silent ?