The #MB Detainees in prosecution office

Here is a photo gallery showing the detainees captured , tortured and detained by the Muslim brotherhood supporters after arrival to Heliopolis prosecutor office


  1. The traces of torture on the bodies of the detainees
  2. 14 years old Hassan was beaten on his head and was stabbed by a knife in his stomach as you can see !!
  3. 12 Alaa Adel, this kid cried a lot and wanted to return home. He even slept at the office of the prosecution lawyer. Already he was lost from his family during the clashes.
  4. This is Alaa when he fell asleep at the Prosecution lawyer´s office late last night as you can see. The prosecutor lawyer interrogating him "yes" was on the verge of crying according to lawyers Malek Adly and Khaled Ali
  5. Even the handicapped was not spared from the beating or detention
  6. One of the detainees who were kept in illegal MB detention for more than 14 hours
  7. During the interrogation, black eyes in almost all the faces !!
  8. Several head injuries. Some of the detainees reported that there were MB physicians who also attacked them !!
  9. In the front 38 years old Mohamed Abu El Wafaa who works as a blacksmith and behind him another detainee both beaten as you can see
  10. Mohamed Abdel Basset , a 24 years old man beaten and injured !!
  11. 38 years old Siyad Tawfik
  12. Tawfik was stabbed by a Swiss knife in that place !!
  13. 18 years old student Mohamed Abdel Fatah