1. History will not forgive you Tantawy if Egypt is transferred gradually in to Iran. The history's trash bin is waiting for you and those you are making deals with against the interests of the nation 
  2. Despite the fairness of the elections and having bloodless transition , Tantawy do not wait from them any thanks , their target from the start is the army and the intelligence
  3. Tantawy has to know that inside the army.. there are men who were trained in Egypt Nationalism schools , the children of Nasser and Sadat , the Patience is running out 

  4. We have been feeling humiliated since the travel of the Americans "NGOs case" till the telephone call of Erdogan to Tantawy where he encouraged him to hand power immediately to Morsi .. Egypt is being knelt down gentlemen !! 
  5. We are waiting for Tantawy to declare to the Egyptian people who burned down Egypt in the Friday of rage "#Jan28". In the upcoming period either you will be clear to everybody or your reality will be clear to everyone 
  6. We are waiting for the secrets Tantawy announced that he will declare as soon as the army returns to its barracks through the speaker of the morale affairs the admin of SCAF Facebook Page
  7. If they threatened the army with a revolution , we threatening what is beyond that "!?"