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ZeYaD AlHusainan

وحيدا انتمي, حرا , الى الفكرة أرادت نحتها الموتى - ولم تنحت على صخرة

عليـ أبوطالبـ | Ali

#Egyptian #Father #Photography & #SocialMedia #Enthusiast #Infographics #Fan Literally أبو العيال :)

Salem Sayed

Technology junkie and iOS Engineer.

استعلامات البرادعى

Believing that Elbaradei and Me have the same wavelength of thinking :)


Works in communications, journalism & photography. Volunteers in social development & non-formal education. Likes arts, food, travel, earrings and to-do lists.


Elmansi Thats My name ... Web Development Thats My Game ... Making world better that's My Aim :D

التفاؤل موقف وجودي Mens et Manus... et Animam!


The site on Arab politics and culture. Tweets with links are not necessarily endorsements - I often tweet stuff I hate.

Razan Saffour

British Muslim. British Syrian. SOAS. Not an activist. #PrayforSyria Please sponsor me:

Ola Anan -علا من غزة

Palestinian Blogger. Co-Founder of @DiwanGhazza, Author at @GlobalVoices.

Issa Edward Boursheh

A Graduate student at Tel-Aviv University, occasional contributor to @972Mag and a blogger at 20:40. Opinions are my own & RTs are not endorsements.

Mohamed El Dahshan

The Artist Formerly Known as @TravellerW. Economist, journalist/writer, travel addict, bespectacled opinionated nerd.

Jake Marsh

iOS Developer, Designer, Blogger. Geek. Apple. ShopSavvy. Rubber Duck Software. JLOTI.