Adel El Bar

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I’m trying through this site to make communication lines between #Arab world and Non-Arab world.

ahmed fawzy

Yosri Osman

AحMED Mahجoub

Egyptian , Doctor, optimistic, hate injustice to anybody , hate intolerance to any thing ::::::::::::::


Maybe it's class war, I call it common sense. I have many opinions and I try to do good work. #OWS #occupywallstreet #occupy

وسام كمال

باحثة وصحفية في الإعلام الرقمي. أم الحسن والحسين. كل يوم في الحياة فرصة


Freedom, justice and dignity for all! Down with ALL dictators!! RTs do not necessarily infer endorsement.

Henry Seyram Boachi

Communications professional; Social Media, Social Movements and Collective Action Researcher.

Hosam yahia

Presenter at Aljazeera Network. - Tweets are personal views & don't reflect that of my employers

Chris Rose

Sumaia Alnajjar

Curious and wandering, that's why I follow you.

Bahaa of Arabia

Foreign Correspondent for @ONTVeg. Grew up on the Mediterranean, studied in #Sweden, worked for international media from #Cairo & #Sinai to #Copenhagen & #NYC.

Moataz Sabry

power to the people