Michael Yousef

I have found freedom and safety in my madness, freedom of loneliness and safety from being understood, for those who understand us enslave something in us.

May Zayan

Digi-journo-geek exploring the hippest innovations in tech, digital media and the interwebs. Being a USF media grad / lover of shiny things also helps.

Mai Noman

Interactivity Producer for #BBC Arabic based in #London. Tweeting about #Yemen #MiddleEast & ridiculous international politics! Tweets r my own.

William Gomes

Human Rights Activist Freelance Journalist. RTs ≠ endorsement. Email - [email protected] http://t.co/0SAyagRZVK

haytham kamal eldien

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. @brain_damage_eg أًسيرٌ يسعى في فكاكَِ رقبتهْ

adam mohamed

ثائر الحق

BE Macomber

Journalist/writer/activist/birder/blogger/organo/jungle hermit/late 60s SF Survivor SDSer. Mucky politico commentary as someone has to during the 59th minute.

Alaa Adel El Sayed

Eslam Nour

Respect, Love, Faith, Dream, Beauty, Freedom, Thinking, Knowledge, Change, Peace!

Khaled Mokhtar

ضد الكاذبون .. يطلعوا من العسكر من الاخوان و من الجيش من الشرطة الشريفة,اعلاميين شرفاء مواطنين شرفاء برضه, فلول أرامل-يتامى مبارك أيا كانوا .. هطلع !

Fatima Said

Spokesperson for @be4democracy. MENA politics enthusiast & women's rights advocate. Youngest BBC #100Women. Above all, a human being. RTs ≠ I endorse.

Ahmed Aboul Enein

Egyptian journalist. @columbiajourn student. طابور خامس. #THFC supporter. My tweets don't represent where I work/study, RTs not endorsements, etc.


Investigative Reporter

Ramy Jabbar رامي

Find me at: https://t.co/Hr6mZqNJBT, http://t.co/DITDYp19Ej, http://t.co/zWQrqzUDeD, http://t.co/j7HcQboV9q, http://t.co/IcsS8pT76A, & https://t.co/gYAWpMku2w

ahmed hosniy

الكثيـــــر يكتـــــب ,, والقليــــــــــل يقــــــرأ والنـــــــــــادر يفهــــــــــــم ...