Is It Good To Parent the Children to Make Them Obedient?


  1. There if often a debate about how to teach the children to respond to authorities in their lives. We want our children to be persistent. But this is also the truth that we also want out children to obey us. It’s worth mentioning that parents are the first authority figures that children grow under the influence of. And the way children respond to this authority defines the course regarding how they are going to react to the other authorities in their lives.
  2. There is no doubt about the fact that what you think for your children would be for the best of them. Hence, they should not have any problem obeying you because they are just doing what’s good for them. But not all of the authority figures in their lives would do the same for them. For example, their practical lives are going to be under the influence their bosses, managers and the people who would control some of the aspects of their lives. If your child has the habit of obeying the authority figures blindly, he/she would obey the other authorizes without thinking about his/her own benefit.
  3. So, is it really beneficial to teach kids the obedience?
  4. Most of the parents are usually found quite proud of their kids who obey them without questioning. They think that such obedient children are the reward of their good parenting. Hence, they believe that such children would learn what’s best for them eventually. The main problem here is that such people confuse respect with obedience. They think that the children who obey them are the respectful ones. Bad news is that such ‘respect’ hampers the basic intuitive instincts inside the children.
  5. As a matter of fact, the children who obey everything are often found to be weaker and less confident ones. Parents usually think that such children can easily be parented, but they actually have fragile state of emotions which can be manipulated by the authorities.
  6. The basic disadvantage of raising kids to be the such obedient persons is that they do not learn to stand up for what can be really good for them. They are not able to negotiate to find the win-win solutions. In fact, they prefer in sacrificing a lot in order to get approved by the authority.
  7. So, what parenting style can raise the children who are respectful and persistent?
  8. Now this is the right question that most of the parents should look the answer for. Obedience in kids should only be inspired by the respect they would have for their parents, not from the fear of punishment or the consistent pressure to behave. One thing worth mentioning here is that the authority of parents does not get challenged when they are questioned by their children over any decision. In fact, the children want to know the reason usually want to get satisfied with the way they are going to be dealt with. When they are satisfied, they are going to show the respect and they will obey you for every right thing.
  9. How To Raise Respectful Children