West Virginians react to "Buckwild"

The controversial MTV reality show "Buckwild" made its television debut Thursday night. Here are some selected tweets from West Virginians.


  1. I'll be updating this Storify as the premiere continues. Refresh often!
  2. Three commercial breaks in, it looks like opinion is split.
  3. Well, it's commercial time again, so I decided to check in and see what "Buckwild" star Tyler Boulet is up to. Most of his tweets are pretty boring, but he posted this about nine hours ago.
  4. Apparently this show is just too much for some people.
  5. But you guys didn't even stick around to see how it ends!
  6. Wait! We're in Huntington now. MTV is having fun with West Virginia geography. They showed some B-roll scenes of the Capitol, then cut to Rehab, then cut back to Charleston.
  7. This error did not escape the eyes of our diligent Tweeters.