Shots fired in Sherwood Forest

Monday morning, police received reports of shots fired inside a home in Sherwood Forest along Corridor G.


  1. UPDATE (11:57 a.m.) The standoff is now over, according to officials.
  2. You can read the tweets below to see the story unfold.
  3.  A woman called 911 from the address, saying her husband was hallucinating and "blowing off shots in the house." The man apparently believed there were people in his home with guns.
  4. UPDATE (10:34 p.m.) Metro 911 dispatchers say the Cornwall St. shooting is not a hostage situation. The suspect's wife left the house before police arrived. The suspect is the only one in the house.
  5. UPDATE (10:33 a.m.): Metro 911 dispatchers said there's no indication shots are being fired at police. The man apparently was firing before police arrived, and it's unclear if they are directed at police.