#StopThisTraffic Red Flag Campaign

From the Kent County Human Trafficking Task Force, a collaborative of social service, law enforcement, medical and community members. The task force encourages you to watch for the red flags of human trafficking to #stopthistraffic.


  1. First, red flags started popping up around Grand Rapids...
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  9. Then, the red flags were explained. The Kent County Human Trafficking Task Force held a news conference on September 14 and announced the week-long red flag campaign to #stopthistraffic. The campaign will empower and encourage our community to watch for the red flags of human trafficking.
  10. Speakers represented the collaborative nature of the task force: Andy Soper (task force co-chair and director of mobilization for Mars Hill Bible Church), Patrick Miles (U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Michigan), and Sarah Moultrie (pediatric nurse and member of task force medical subcommittee).
  11. Guests at the news conference watched the full version of the #StopThisTraffic video (one-minute and 10-second versions have also been created for TV and social media ads):
  12. The video, red flag questions, action steps and resources can all be found on the task force website:
  13. After the news conference, the media blitz was on: