Moving More Online: Strategies and Challenges for Using Technology in the "Classroom"

A roundtable discussion; Session 93 of the International Medieval Congress, May 15 2015.


  1. The first speaker was Kate McGrath from Central Connecticut State University, who spoke about the ways in which she used video technology in the classroom.
  2. The second speaker was Andrew Reeves of Middle Georgia State College, who spoke about ways to collaboratively create online courses that used the skills of different people.
  3. The third speaker, Thomas R. Leek, is a professor of German at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.
  4. The fourth speaker was Máire Johnson, who is a professor of history at Elizabethtown College.
  5. The fifth speaker, Valerie Dawn Hampton, is a doctoral candidate in history at Western Michigan University.
  6. The last speaker was April Harper, from SUNY Oneonta.