Cistercians, Chronologies, and Communities: The Legacies of Constance Hoffman Berman

University of Iowa, Iowa City. May 20-21, 2016.


  1. Students, friends, and colleagues of Constance Berman gathered in Iowa City on May 20-21 2016 to honor and celebrate her career on the occasion of her retirement. The theme of the symposium, "Cistercians, Chronologies, and Communities: The Legacies of Constance Hoffman Berman," drew on a number of important threads in Connie's work over the years. 
  2. The first session was introduced by Robert Bork, who paid tribute to Connie as a colleague and friend over many years.
  3. The speakers for this session, on "Women, Power and Authority in Medieval Europe" were Andrew Steck (University of Iowa), Wendy Pfeffer (University of Louisville) and Michael E. Moore (University of Iowa).
  4. This anecdote also incited some reaction from those following along on Twitter...
  5. Following the first session, attendees moved down the hill from the Old Capitol to the University of Iowa Special Collections, which greeted us with a display of some of its finest medieval manuscript holdings.
  6. Michaela Hoenicke-Moore, a colleague of Connie's for many years in the Department of History, delivered a moving tribute to Connie's scholarship and her contributions as a colleague.
  7. Connie than delivered the symposium's keynote speech, reflecting on both her own career and on the history of medieval women's studies as a whole.
  8. The second day of the symposium began with a session on "New Approaches to the Studies of Medieval Religious Women." The chair was Raymond Mentzer (University of Iowa). The speakers were Erika Lindgren (Wartburg College), Amy Livingstone (Wittenberg University), and Jennifer Kolpacoff Deane (University of Minnesota-Morris).