Total Customer Experience at #EMCWORLD (Day 3)

Another AMAZING day at #EMCWORLD. As we start looking at the numbers this has been our best year yet for engagement. There will certainly be follow up blogs to share with you all the things we heard. We know it is imperative to keep the momentum after event like this and right now we are flying!


  1. If you were able to join us this year or just want to see if there is anything you missed be sure to check out my recaps of EMC World Preparation, Day 1, and Day 2. I also encourage you to follow along for more great events like EMC's TCE Day coming in October.
  2. We started the day off early with another blog from our friends at @WalkerInfo. I also want to give another thank you to the Walker folks that helped us collect feedback at the booth.
  3. Speaking of thank yous we can't forget the biggest celebrity at #EMCWORLD Mr Spock. He was a tremdous help all over the Total Customer Experience booth!
  4. We have heard from industry analysts for some time that Customer Experience is becoming a key focus are for customers and companies. Here are 3 good reasons to believe it. 1) This year TCE VP @camuise4 was requested for 8 separate analyst interviews the most during an EMC World. 2) We had more visitors to the Total Customer Experience booth than ever before! 3) They told me so! I personally had multiple people tell me that the work TCE is doing is crucial and they would like us to show them how to do the same for their customers. I see partnership oppurtunities in our future. Here are just some of the sessions where #CX was talked about on Wednesday.
  5. I have long since left Vegas but they did continue on Thursday
  6. And of course we loved having @FalloutBoy and @OneRepublic to finish off the night