Total Customer Experience at #EMCWORLD 2015 (Day 1)

Coming to you live from Vegas it's the TCE team at #EMCWORLD. Each day I will recap the top highlights around customer experience and get a look at what is happening at the Total Customer Experience booth 463 in the Solutions Expo. For live updates follow @YoungP2 @RKramer_TCE and @RowenPouliot


  1. We kicked things off early in the morning with a sessions on "Whats new with VPLEX in 2015". They certainly made it a memorable experience with CIO Darth Vader and it was clear from comments and features that the new improvements were made with the customer experience in min. IE you can now provision with a wizard that use to be a 40 step process!
  2. Among many other great sessions was obviously the General Session that had some great new product announcements. The release of XtremIO 4.0 "the beast" was extreamly exciting. Total Customer Experience has been very involved in this product line right from the begining. In fact we will be discussing how customer feedback has driven the growth of this product with @camuise4 and Chris Grondin at CTD booth 814 Tue at 4:30
  3. Another great announcement was the new VMAX SLO provisioning. Once again TCE worked with the user experience team to identify and track opportunities in customer satisfaction with ease of use that led to turning a 23 step process into 6.
  4. The highlight for the Total Customer Experience team however was definitely the grand opening of the Solutions Expo. I personally manned the Voice Insight Action tool (VIA) and captured tons of great customer and partner feedback. It was great to hear from so many people from all around the world.
  5. The highlight today was definitely our visit from Mr Spock. Everyone wanted a picture including Mr Tucci himself! In fact you may be seeing him A LOT more on Tuesday.
  6. That's it for Day 1. We will be giving an update each day so stay tuned!