#googlemedia: The statusphere weighs in

In which we note that my Coursera students are active not only inside the course, but across social media.

  1. The students in "Understanding Media by Understanding Google" are working toward the first deadlines of class, on Monday the 30th. Two quizzes and a written homework assignment, worth a total of 15 points of the class's 100, are supposed to be submitted by Monday morning Chicago time.   

    It hasn't taken a looming deadline to get the students engaged, however. Spread across a thousand threads (kind of unwieldy, I admit), thousands of students have posted more than 9,000 comments on the lectures and readings, as well as on the endless stream of breaking news out of Mountain View. Not surprisingly for a course with students in every time zone and more than 160 countries, there's no hour of the day when someone isn't writing.

  2. @Rationalization @yfjell @YoungOwen Discussions lead 2 so much insight that I am just hooked to them.Only 1st week done so far #googlemedia
  3. But wait, as I like to say, there's more. Using the hashtag #googlemedia, like Saumya above, they're also holding forth on social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ ... and did I mention that Google is 15 years old this week?
  4. Gotta say, that #googlemedia is one of the most interactive classes I've taken, and I haven't stepped foot in a classroom @YoungOwen
  5. Happy Birthday Google! Apt to be doing a coursera course during this time #googlemedia cc: @spuriousmallu @YoungOwen
  6. I won't quote anything in the discussion forums here; what happens in Coursera, stays in Coursera. But it's just as illuminating to watch what students have been sharing elsewhere -- rants and raves; opinions and observations; complaints and compliments; angst and achievement. To that last pairing:
  7. #googlemedia written assignment no 1 has been submitted. @YoungOwen makes u sweat for every assignment :) . had fun.
  8. I've submitted my first assignment for #googlemedia @coursera re the pros and cons of google books. #alwayslearning
  9. 1st week of #googlemedia #mooc : COMPLETED SUCCESFULLY! Readings, done; video lectures, done; forum posts, done; quiz, done. Tks @YoungOwen
  10. I do admit there's a lot of background reading for the lectures and quizzes, but at least one student has found a workaround:
  11. The class features interviews and conversations with some of the authors of the key books written in recent years -- Siva Vaidhyanathan, Jeff Jarvis, Steven Levy -- and the students are reacting to those too:
  12. @sivavaid just heard your interview @YoungOwen "Sir your interview was really an Eye opener" Gave me a new perspective #googlemedia
  13. Thank you @YoungOwen for offering Understanding Media through Google @coursera - fascinating course and interview with @sivavaid
  14. And, in another reflection of the worldwide nature of the student body (around half are not native English speakers), we're seeing plenty of chatter I need to run through Google Translate.
  15. Los medios frecuentemente desean enfocarse en sus usuarios pero no necesariamente tiene el ímpetu: Owen Youngman #googlemedia
  16. Prvá diskusia už 8. 10. o 18:00. Zatiaľ odporúčame kurz prof. @YoungOwen o médiách a Google. coursera.org/course/googlem#coursera
  17. Gw lagi ikutan online class gratisan :D itu hastag utk kelas Understanding Media by Understanding Google-nya prof @YoungOwen
  18. It's not all citations and opinions. A fair amount is about the content itself...
  19. @YoungOwen I have often thought that today news are consumed faster than they are produced. Somehow I perceive this as a kind of addiction.
  20. "We think about the information first" cit. @YoungOwen I think that is mantra.Dobbiamo pensare all'informazione prima di ogni altra cosa.
  21. I'm intrigued by the idea of collaborative local journalism in @jeffjarvis book "What Would Google Do." Lot's to think about #GoogleMedia
  22. We are not Google's consumers, we are its content #googlemedia Thank you @YoungOwen for the brilliant #studycourse
  23. And of course I have to admit that assigning one archival piece from my blog as reading, and citing another in a video lecture as background, has driven my worldwide traffic through the roof.
  24. My next 7 tweets will state the "Seven Skills of a 21st Century Journalist" as taught by @YoungOwen in #googlemedia Cc: @journalismtips
  25. +Owen Youngman in 1994: "We have jobs because our particular evolution, the newspaper, occupied a niche...
  26. And so, farewell. Next week: Google and search advertising. See you in class.
  27. #FF to #GoogleMedia @YoungOwen and all my fellow classmates around the globe... Have a great weekend! :)