MIT Gunman and the Boston Manhunt

Last night I started this storify to portray how social media allow for faster information circulation. This is just a glimpse of the power of Twitter and Facebook to inform the community about danger. In a day like this for Boston, when everyone is hungry for information nothing is enough.

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  1. While Boston was still recovering from the tragic events of April 15th, there was a new turn in the story, little after 10pm last night. I found out about the gunman at the Stata Center on Facebook reading the posts of my friends at MIT.
  2. Stay away from building 32!!
  3. Stay away from building 32 (Stata). Gunman reported!
  4. And now reports of a loose gunman in Kendall Sq, shootings at MIT. WTF, world." class="">
  5. My first search on line around 11pm only brought up results from the February gunman alert in MIT. Of course the news were already trending on twitter
  6. The Cambridge police was already on reporting to update the citizens
  7. The MIT newspaper official page did a lot of reporting and updating using their official twitter account
  8. The Anonymous reported on duty