Travel tips for your next journey

In this post we shall be discussing some of the tips for your next journey.


  1. Staying in hotel is always not necessary

  2. Made it to our first hotel! People are super nice and so is the room. Time to eat and pass out! #heritagegolfandsparesort #killenard #ireland #sotired #jetlag #10yearanniversary #portarlington
    Made it to our first hotel! People are super nice and so is the room. Time to eat and pass out! #heritagegolfandsparesort #killenard #ireland #sotired #jetlag #10yearanniversary #portarlington
  3. Hotels are always an easy available option to stay while you are travelling, but if you want to enjoy the local and want to know more about it, why not stay in serviced apartments. In this way you can kow the local culture well.
  4. Air tickets in advance

  5. Always plan your trip in advance and look for discounts at various sites, some might be charging a service fee between $3-$6, but they can easily look into various airlines and combine them to provide a decent cost saving.
  6. Know your destination

  7. Its always better to gather the information for destinations you will be travelling, like, what kind of weather might be there, what's the local currency and language, do you require a visa, is there any time difference etc. All of this info can be collected via web or from your travel agency.
  8. Book hotels wisely

  9. In order to avoid the hassle of booking hotels, always research before hand, try to use some websites, to compare prices of each hotel, also look for the price of same hotel on different sites, which at times vary, following this will save you a few bucks on your trip.
  10. Don't take stuff you don't need

  11. If you are carrying too much stuff along with you, be prepared to pay more at airport. Airlines these days are charging for extra weight that you are carrying, so either don't carry un-necessary stuff or carry less quantity of it if possible.
  12. Confirm if you need to carry a passport

  13. There are many countries where its required to carry passport along with you or you might be in trouble, so confirm this before hand and carry it along with you.
  14. Use decent hotels

  15. There are all kinds of hotels available around the globe. I am not advicing you to stay at five or six star hotels but atleast make sure its decent. Besides that try to use the services that these provide rather than looking outside. The staff at these hotels are qualified enough.
  16. Look out for deals on ticket

  17. Yes I mean it, and I am sharing one example of such, recently a round trip ticket for a destination was cheaper than one way ticket, so just buy this and either return using the same or use another one.
  18. Take health seriously

  19. If you are visiting some where in your country, you might be entitled for some kind of emergency treatment. In case you are travelling abroad try to research on the type of climate there in, things you might have to take care of, may be carry medication accordingly.