ProjectARCC & ALA SustainRT Tweet-up on Sustainability

On Monday, October 19, 2015, ProjectARCC and ALA SustainRT co-hosted a tweet-up using #SustainLIS to discuss how we as archivists and librarians can reduce our professional carbon footprint and implement sustainable practices in our institutions.


  1. Read on for more information on each group as well as for the content of the tweet-up!

  2. ProjectARCC Posed 3 Questions & More

  3. Q1: How can we encourage LIS professionals and institutions to reduce their carbon footprint (ex. carbon dioxide emissions, energy usage?)
  4. Q2: Do you look toward any inspiring models of institutional sustainability? Places lowering carbon footprints?
  5. Q3: Do the new FEMA disaster preparedness laws play into your sustainability conversation? (See article below)
  6. ALA SustainRT Posed 3 Questions & More

  7. Q1: What do you perceive the role of librarians and archivists to be in addressing sustainability?