Fun in the Sun: Manifest's New Summer Men's Wellness Class Schedule

Manifest, a non-profit men's wellness community, is offering more than 80 educational, activity, & support groups each month to help men create new habits around eating, exercising, & mind/body/spirit wellness.


  1. Bart - What is Manifest
  2. This is a simple overview of what Manifest is and what it does.
  3. Bart Why is Men's Wellness Important
  4. This is a link to Manifest's summer schedule of classes.
  5. This is a link to Manifest's main website.
  6. Click here to join Manifest's facebook community.
  7. Levi What's Been Most Beneficial
  8. Levi What's Been Most Beneficial 2
  9. Levi Connections in the Men's Vision House
  10. Here's a link to Manifest's calendar of programs.
  11. Qigong class at Manifest
  12. Men's Qi Gong meets every Monday, 6:00-7:30 pm and helps you learn a simple, gentle set of physical exercises, meditation & breathing practices, and ways to work with energy that bring you strength, flexibility, calmness, centeredness, and more playfulness & joy.
  13. Click on this link to learn more about Men's QiGong at Manifest or to register for the class.
  14. Linn attends Manifest's Men's Massage Exchange, and is a regular volunteer helping to keep our mailing list & database up-to date.

  15. To learn more about Manifest's Men's Massage Exchange, click on this link.
  16. Bart - Five Chronic Illnesses, What Does Manifest Do
  17. Bart - What's Made the Biggest Difference
  18. Bart Why is it Important to Support Manifest