Austin responds to North Korea nuke threat

Social Media was a buzz Friday with comical retorts after a North Korea newspaper announced Austin was a proposed target for the communist country.


  1. Images of a map showing potential missile strikes in the United States taken in Kim Jong-un’s war room were released Friday by North Korea’s Rodong newspaper. According to the North Korea News’ website, the targets included Hawaii, San Diego, Washington D.C. and Austin, Texas.


    Even though government analysts concur that North Korea does not currently posses the means to carry out such an attack, it hasn’t stopped Austinites and others throughout the nation from coming up with creative reasons as to why Austin is on the dictator’s hit list.

  2. This is why he wants to attack america. To my SouthKor friends, 아자 아자 와이팅!  #northkorea #southkorea #funny #whyaustin
    This is why he wants to attack america. To my SouthKor friends, 아자 아자 와이팅! #northkorea #southkorea #funny #whyaustin
  3. By late afternoon, even the City of Austin had a statement prepared:
  4. The imaginatve reasoning of Texans quickly gained the attention of the North Korea News agency that originally published the photos, announcing:
  5. Regardless if Austin is the intended target or not, Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell said the city is prepared:

    "The City has been in contact with federal officials through the Austin Regional Intelligence Center (ARIC) regarding the North Korean threat to Austin. Austin's Homeland Security and Emergency Management department and the Austin Police Department are monitoring the situation, and though they take this very seriously, they do not believe the threats are credible at this time."