DigiLinked provides an opportunity to work as a self-cryptocurrency - Ecoin, as well as with existing ones. This means: - We solve the problem jumps cryptocurrency course - you are likely familiar with the stories of Bitcoin currency exchange rates over the last year. Ecoin and its rate pegged to the dollar and local currency DigiLinked differences to date compared with the changes in the dollar on the world market. - We offer a simple way to distribution Ecoin, which also has a positive effect on the stability and forecasting exchange rates. - Using the built-in function of mining (generation currency) you can simultaneously generate Ecoin and other cryptocurrency choice. Additionally generated cryptocurrency system changes and pay in coins Ecoin. You can use them at your discretion: spend, change or sell. - In order to start receiving the coins, enough to install purse on a computer or smartphone. It's simple. Register in DigiLinked!