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Leap Motion is a motion-control software and hardware company developing the world's most powerful and sensitive 3D motion-control and motion-sensing technology. English | French sources.


  1. Our daily lives are often filled with complex computer interactions that feel unnatural and unintuitive, but we've been trained to tolerate them.

    Leap Motion removes barriers that currently exist between people and technology, fostering an exciting new era in computing. The technological breakthroughs from Leap Motion provide a powerful platform for building richer, more intuitive applications and experiences.

    To accelerate the development of these revolutionary experiences, Highland Capital Partners has formed the Leap Fund™, a $25 million investment initiative focused on building game-changing companies to solve human scale problems. From everyday interactions at work or at school, to demanding industrial environments, Leap Motion will transform how we interact with the world around us.

    Thousands of designers and developers are already producing amazing applications with Leap Motion. Highland Capital Partners wants to support those efforts and help bring new ideas to life.

  2. Beautiful Chaos, an experimental app designed for the Leap Motion Controller - Coming Soon
  3. Beautiful Chaos. Are you ready to control the shape of chaos? With nselikoff’s Beautiful Chaos, you can explore the curves and ripples of mathematical equations brought to life in vivid color, as your hands shift the coefficients of a 3D strange attractor.
  4. With the Leap Motion controller being released on July 22nd and the Google Glass Explorer program already live, it is obvious that our reliance on the mouse or even the monitor to interact with the Web will eventually become obsolete.

    The above statement seems like a given, considering that technology moves at such a rapid pace. Yet in 40 years of personal computing, our methods of controlling our machines haven’t evolved beyond using a mouse, keyboard and perhaps a stylus. Only in the last six years have we seen mainstream adoption of touchscreens.

  5. Geco for Leap - First Look
  6. Leap Motion to Bring 3-D Motion Control to HP Customers through Strategic Collaboration

    Leap Motion, the motion-control software and hardware company changing the future of human/computer interaction, today announced a collaboration with HP to bring 3-D motion control to unique HP devices.

  7. The  team is very honored to be awarded this year's Breakout Digital Trend award.
  8. Contrôle d’hologramme avec le Leap

    « Robbie Tilton nous prouve qu’il est possible d’intéragir avec un hologramme grâce au Leap. Il a utilisé un prisme en plexiglas pour projeter une image visible en 3D. Il contrôle la rotation de la terre avec son Leap naturellement. Cette démonstration est impressionnante et fait vraiment penser au Jarvis de Tony Stark. »  MonLeap

  9. 3D Display - Re-Imaging (Three.js & Leap Motion)
  10. Control Your Computer With a Chopstick: Leap Motion HANDS ON
  11. « We are proud to release our new Web site. Learn more about the Leap Motion Controller and Airspace! »
  12. Leap Motion has arrived at SXSW