Business, Social Innovation, and Public Policy - #SMWBBG

Bringing stakeholders in government together for civic innovation. 22 February 2013, Bloomberg Tower


  1. Social media is bringing businesses, government, and their stakeholders closer together. At this business-people-government nexus, what are the possibilities for social change through social media? While one should not expect an exhaustive deep-dive over the course of this midday panel session, the ideas presented should inspire further brainstorming and action.
  2. Kicking-off with introductions from the panellists on how they view digital social media and its role as an enabler of change.
  3. For the general public, the State of the Union Address has become the most visible example of how social media connects with public policy.
  4. 'Social media' tends to connote 'communications'; 'social business' means going beyond that function and creating a connected/un-siloed organization.
  5. Here is an example of Microsoft's effort to engage a broader audience.