How To Reactivate A Disabled Yahoo Account?


  1. Yahoo is a very popular Email service provider that is known all over the world, and is known for its sleek and easy to use interface. Using it is quite easy and requires no extra work on your part. , you can quite easily use it to send/receive Emails and various other tasks. Apart from these you can perform some other task with your Yahoo account, like send/receive images, attachments, send emails in bulk, etc. Yahoo also provides business Email services with some added benefits to business to maintain their Email and send /receive business Emails. If you encounter some problems with your Yahoo mail you can dial Yahoo customer service toll free number and get the problem solved immediately.

    Yahoo allows the users to delete their Email account. In case you no longer choose to use Yahoo Email or have not used the Yahoo account for long your Yahoo account is deleted. The Yahoo account deletion request can be cancelled within 90 days from opening your Yahoo account.
    Yahoo account can be deleted in certain cases. Some of the cases in which Yahoo account is automatically deleted are as follows:
    In case you are facing the issue of Yahoo account deletion you can perform certain steps to fix the problem with your Yahoo account. Here are the steps that you need to take to successfully retrieve your disabled Yahoo account.

    *Visit Yahoo Sign in helper page in your browser.
    * Enter the login credentials of your Yahoo account, i.e. Yahoo Email and password.
    * Answer the Yahoo security questions to verify your ownership of Yahoo Email.
    * A success message is displayed after ownership verification stating that the Yahoo account has been reactivated.
    * You can now use the Yahoo Email as before.
    If your Yahoo account has been disabled due to some malicious activity on your Yahoo account, you cannot recover your Yahoo account. In such a case you can request Yahoo citing reasons to reactivate your Yahoo account.

    In case you cannot login to your Yahoo account, doesn’t necessarily mean that your Yahoo account has been deleted. In such cases you can look forward to the option of either resetting your Yahoo password, so that you can login to your Yahoo account with your new password. You can reset Yahoo mail password using the option of recovery Email and recovery phone number.
    In case you are facing some other problems with your Yahoo mail which cannot be fixed on your own, you can request the services of Yahoo customer service phone number 24/7 so as to get your problem fixed as you encounter. In case of simple problems, support is provided over the phone. In case of complex problems the problem is fixed by Yahoo tech experts so that you do not have to worry about the problems encountered.
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