Could these tweeted pictures be some of the best we've seen of the rumored Nexus 5?

Rumor/leak alert!


  1. Twitter user Gavin Phelan ‏(@Gavinphelan12) has been very active this afternoon, tweeting out what look to be pictures of the not-yet-announced, but incessantly rumored, Google Nexus 5. The phone in these pictures sure matches many of the other leaked snaps and press images that have popped up, but obviously everything up until the official announcement of the device is unofficial and unconfirmed.

    Phelan also tweeted out that, with a certainty level of "10/10", the phone will be announced October 31st, this Thursday, with purchasing availability the following day, November 1st.

    If you're into the rumor mill scene, definitely check out his page - @Gavinphelan12