Los Angeles airport shooting: TSA agent down

A TSA agent was killed during a shooting at Los Angeles International Airport on Friday. Seven were hurt, including a TSA agent, by gunman with semi-automatic weapon at LAX at a TSA checkpoint.


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  2. A gunman brandishing an assault-style rifle shot his way through a security checkpoint at Los Angeles International Airport Friday morning, wounding TSA agents and others before being shot by airport officers, police said.

    “As you can imagine a large amount of chaos took place,” Los Angeles Airport Police Chief Patrick Gannon said during a press briefing.

    Gannon declined to confirm media reports that one TSA and the alleged suspect died from their injuries. A fire chief said medics transported six patients to area hospitals.

    Gannon said the suspect, who he declined to identify, pulled the rifle out of a bag and began shooting as soon as he entered Terminal 3 about 9:20 a.m. The chief said the gunman got as far a Burger King near a terminal gate when he was confronted and shot by airport officers.

    Police said they believe the gunman acted alone. Outbound flights at the airport have been suspended and all passengers will have to be rescreened.

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  4. A TSA agent was killed during a shooting at Los Angeles International Airport Friday morning.

    An unidentified suspect was taken into custody, airport officials announced on Twitter. LAX officials confirmed “multiple victims” from the incident at Terminal 3, but did not immediately disclose the nature of the injuries. A press briefing is planned for 11:30 a.m. PT.

    CNN reports that the suspect was shot and is in police custody. An eyewitness told the Los Angeles Times that shooter was a young, white male who walked calmly as he made his way through Terminal 3 with a rifle-type firearm about 9:30 a.m.

    On social media, airport passengers described hearing at least a dozen shots fired during the mayhem. Several of the reported injuries are believed to be bystanders who may have fell or been trampled as people fled the scene.  

    Flights at the airport have been suspended, and security has increased at neighboring Los Angeles airports. A White House spokesman says Department of Homeland Security officials have briefed President Obama on the incident.

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