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#LGM13 day 3

Fonts, fonts, fonts, open hardware and education.


  1. The day started with the Oswald font creator, Vernon Adams, talking about libre fonts and the opportunities it creates for font designers, quoting Johanna Blakley's "virtues of copying in fashion design".
  2. Booksprint was the subject of the next two talks. One for creating a Fontforge user manual in 3 days. The other one to create a libre fonts specimen book in 5 days by Manuel Schmalstieg.
  3. Alexei Vanyashin, font designer and teacher, is here to talk about Cyreal type foundry. One of his work was to design the (in-) famous Lobster Cyrillic glyphs.
  4. Raphael Bastide then talked about his Unified Type Design project that would possibly improve libre font discovering, documentation, sharing and spreading.
  5. Even after Werner Lemberg talk about ttfautohint, font hinting retains a lot of its mystery to me. But I would surely use his software if I ever design a font, because it surely does the job, especially for people who don't understand hinting like me.
  6. Warranty void if removed! Apertus, open hardware 4k camera project plans to be the tool for directors with ethics.
  7. Nina Paley rocks the stage with "The land is mine" and asks tough questions on how to do vector animation with free software. Especially because her next movie will be illegal.
  8. Melinda coins the best term to describe OSP:
  9. After a quick bocadillo, I've attended with more than 30 people a 2 hour gathering organized by Aymeric Mansoux called "Towards a network of free culture aware educators in art and design education". Lots of ideas and experiences about F/LOSS in education have been shared. Like Aymeric said, this meeting was just a "hand shake" and more things should come out of this.
  10. After quickly presenting the uHbench, open source hardware public bench, I was pleased with the the comments received about it.
  11. Daniil Vasiliev followed with a presentation of Hotglue and it's successor, Superglue and its little home (owned) static data server.
  12. Getting closer to the end of the day, it gets harder to concentrate. Too many of them in one day kills my attention. I still saw "This is not a pipe" and "Laidout", which showed interesting concepts in a state of work-in-progress. I then just came back in the Auditorio to see François's presentation at the end.

    Not much tweets or picture to share the end of this long friday. I guess everyone was tired. The performance that closed Medialab Prado was called "Piksels and lines orchestra". They run modified versions of graphic software that produce music when you manipulate them. It seemed to me this is close to live coding, although, it uses the graphic designers palette instead of the programmer's palette.

    After that, everyone rushed to a disco bar nearby called "Mama was a groupie" (if I translate it right), where the Gimp community was pouring free beer to everyone. I think it's the first time I get offered a beer by an open source software. Interesting concept. Well, this kicked the "future party" up. People danced until the end of the night.

    This is also the reason why this post is published with a bit of delay. And I'm already late for the conferences of the last day.