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#LGM13 Day 2

Second day of Libre Graphics Meeting 2013 at Medialab Prado


  1. Following yesterday's report, this is still a personal point of view of the event (with the help of others through social media)
  2. Morning presentations are about Interactivos?13 open workshop that will start on monday, right after the LGM. The Interactivos? serie has been started by Medialab Prado in 2006 and is focusing on collaborative prototyping. 9 projects have been selected this year.
    First project to be presented is the "Freedom of Speech Project".
  3. I'm amazed how much every spanish project or presentation proposed at LGM is talking about "crisis", "street protest", "resistance" or "public voice" in a broad sense and is in a real urge to come with "new tools" to build upon this "renewed citizenship".

    Second presentation, was my proposition "Design with Git".
  4. I'm delighted it has been selected for Interactivos?13. And here's an encouraging comment I received (with many other verbal ones).
  5. So many great projects have been presented and I'll be happy to watch them grow for the next two weeks but "Makea Tu Vida" really got my attention. It looks like a great initiative to encourage the creation and sharing of open source product designs. Really intrigued by what they will come up with and I think you should check them too.
  6. The afternoon started with interesting lightning talks around scribus improvements and OSP new tools in the making.
  7. The rest of the  afternoon was spent hoping in and out of the auditorium, mostly chatting outside in the sun with the wonderful people attending LGM, of course talking about creation and free culture. An amazing crowd that is.

    The journey ended with the talk "Internet and parasites". Deep and tough stuff to close the day.
  8. See you tomorrow.