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Critical engineers' hands on #Google #Glass

When @Julian0liver, @Artur0Castro and @ObviousJim finally get to work on Google's most wanted/feared device.


  1. Julian Oliver is an artist and Critical Engineer who's projects like the Transparency Grenade, No Network or Newstweek question our connected societies and the thrustful relation we have build with information technologies. Arturo Castro and James Georges are also media artists and both developers of OpenFramework, a set of coding tools that empowers artists and creatives of all kind.
  2. So when finally, they set their hands on Google Glass, everybody is watching what they might do with it but mostly what interesting ideas they might come up with.
  3. So you want to know if a Google Glass has entered your network? Watch for Mac addresses that start with F8:8F:CA:24. From then on, you could use your other skills to greet, block or take advantage the hipster in your area.

    But as a test, I guess, or proof of concept, the first thing Julian, Arturo and Jim tried to install on the device was a face recognition application.
  4. (nice dummy picture btw ;) )

    Some fellow artists and digital creators promptly reacted to these first tweets with questions and comments.
  5. Julian, Arturo and Jim, of course, are not the first ones to have their "critical" hands on the device. A proper teardown of the product has already been done and publicly shared.
  6. Despite the fact that we are all concerned with privacy issues, as with all scarse products, there is a great impatience in all tech geeks and artists to lay their hands on it. Quite ironic if you ask me.
  7. So Julian, Arturo and Jim, we are watching you and hope you will come soon with a project that will set the tone and give relevant food for the critical engineers we all should be.