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  1. watch django unchained online free streaming Anyway, since Zombie Mono exists, Rick didn’t trick the leader of the prison gang into turning against one of their wounded, so he’s not as murderous as Dave and I thought. Still, when he coolly puts a machete into Tomas’ head and chases another prisoner to his death, I’m not the only one who wondered if the zombie apocalypse has disillusioned Rick about the value of human life. “When he kills Tomas it's basically just muscle memory,” says executive producer Glen Mazzarra in an interview with Zap2It. “That's who Rick is. That's a very, very different watch django unchained online free streaming Rick than we've seen in the past.”


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    The scene shocked me not because Rick does it so casually but because, in the words of watch django unchained online free streaming the AV Club’s Zach Handlen, “The stalling and dithering of so much of last  (and, let’s be honest, the middle of  one) made it appear likely that the group of cons would hang around for a while before one of them inevitably stepped over a line, after which Rick would argue with Lori and whomever else was still alive about what to do next.”*


    watch django unchained online free streaming Rick’s new cynicism is understandable. He and his group live in a perpetual bloodbath. This  has really upped the gore, which prompted Zap2It to ask Mazzarra if he’s not making the show too gross. Stuff I’m having trouble scrubbing from my memory: Rick pulling the face off a zombie in the  premiere, Hershel’s severed leg lying nonchalantly on the floor, and, of course, the zombie C-section in “Sick.” The Baltimore Sun’s Andrew Conrad called that scene “the most lasting image” of the episode.


    watch django unchained online free streaming If, amid all this gore, Rick ever found relief in his family, he doesn’t anymore. After Lori resuscitates Hershel, Rick and Lori meet outside and joke about the frivolousness of a divorce in a zombie apocalypse. But their marriage is clearly over. As Caitlin Hughes from Film School Rejects writes, when Rick puts his hand on Lori’s shoulder and says, “We’re awful grateful for what you did” watch django unchained online free streaming as if she’s any other member of the group, Rick is basically signing their divorce papers. It’s good that Carl’s learned to hold his own, because both parents are neglecting him, and I expect their separation will only make his life worse.