ux4ppl :: ACRL 2015

slides & tweets from UX for the People: Empowering Patrons & Front-Line Staff through a User-centered Culture, presented at ACRL 2015 by Courtney Greene McDonald (@xocg) and Heidi Steiner Burkhardt (@heidi_sb). Thanks everyone for a great conversation! Let's keep it going on the hashtag #ux4ppl.


  1. Panel abstract: Other people live in the world and come to the library, but until recently, librarians have often lived in the library and only occasionally escaped to the world. Patron expectations today are shaped by myriad external factors, and libraries are responding through developing a user experience (UX) culture. Come and be inspired to intentionally integrate sustainable UX practices into your day-to-day, and discover tangible actions to implement in your library’s virtual and physical environments.
  2. a few quick links to some of Our Favorite Things, as mentioned at the end of the slide deck:
    see our list on worldcat.org
    Marquez & Downey, 2015, “Service Design” WeaveUX 1(2)
    Rodger, 2007, "What's a library worth? Piecing together the structure of value." American Libraries, 38(3), 58.
    Weave: The Journal of Library User Experience
    Nielsen/Norman Group blog
    Voice & Tone & Mailchimp newsletter
    Matthew Reidsma’s blog, notably Bad Library Websites Are A Symptom
    Erin White’s blog
  3. Peter Morville on his user experience honeycomb...
  4. Referenced quote "Aiming for *usable* is like chefs aiming for *edible*. We should aim for delight," came from this talk by John Eckman...