#NISOVC15 on #libux & #contentstrategy

NISO Virtual Conference - Interacting with Content: Improving the User Experience - October 28, 2015


  1. Awesome event! I've pulled together the conference information and the Twitter conversation for easy reference in future.

  2. Conference description: The demands for awareness of and responsiveness to the academic user experience (UX) are increasingly important for all players in the scholarly communications industry. What began as a software development methodology has proven to be a critical function in our ability to deliver high-quality scholarly resources to a global readership. In this virtual conference, we will feature a range of perspectives on how publishers, libraries and technology suppliers achieve an understanding of reader needs and perspectives, in order to drive iterative improvements in the way users interact with the content we host, publish, and license.

    The agenda, session descriptions, and slides are available from the event site below:

  3. Below, the Twitter conversation as tracked by the event hashtag, #NISOVC15