Tips for small businesses from the Xero community

On the Xero Roadshow around the US during October & November 2013 we're meeting lots of accountants and bookkeepers so we thought we'd ask their advice and get their best tip for small business owners. Sharing the best and noteworthy here! #xerorotips

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  1. Our last stop on the Roadshow, Honolulu and we got this thought-provoking tip from Shannon Mackey of Aloha Accounting Solutions "Do you let your neighbor's friend teach you how to do surgery ... let an accountant teach you how to do accounting!" #xerotips
  2. Xero Roadshow 2013 - Honolulu
  3. Xero Roadshow 2013 - Honolulu
  4. Wise advice! "Know the numbers - measure everything. Key data points will illuminate important relationships." Our winning small business tip from the San Francisco #xeroroadshow from Geoffrey Kulik of Sterck Kulik O'Neill @RedOzdachs #xerotips
  5. Xero Roadshow 2013 - San Francisco
  6. Xero Roadshow 2013 - San Francisco
  7. Congrats to Jon Kuwahara, CPA - winner of our #xerotips draw in Laguna Beach - his tip for small business owners:
    "Don't do it alone! Create a 'Board of Advisors'. Aside from the obvious (accountant/lawyer) seek out other successful business people that can mentor you. Not only can you get good advice but you get access to their networks."
  8. Xero Roadshow 2013 - Laguna Beach
  9. Xero Roadshow 2013 - Laguna Beach
  10. From LA, congrats to Karen van Hoepen of Pillai Consulting for her tip for small business owners: "Be open to change, embrace new technology, learn as much as you can and apply it to your business." #xerotips
  11. Xero Roadshow 2013 - LA
  12. Xero Roadshow 2013 - LA
  13. Winning tip from the San Jose stop on the Roadshow: Michael Tsuchimoto, MHTB Accountancy Corp, @sharktank "Don't be afraid of change." #xerotips
  14. Xero Roadshow 2013 - San Jose
  15. Xero Roadshow 2013 - San Jose
  16. Our tip from Sacramento: "Stay on top of your accounting so that you are better able to create the future rather than scorekeep the past that tells you nothing that you already didn't know." Thanks to Syd Highley from Daily Balance #xerotips
  17. Xero Roadshow 2013 - Sacramento
  18. Xero Roadshow 2013 - Sacramento
  19. San Diego winning tip: Annie Hogan of Bandemer Accountancy with this great tip: "I always tell small business - treat your employees as a (valuable) asset, not as a (replaceable) expense. If you do, you will get way more work and co-operation. Good employees attract more good employees, and contribute to a more synergistic workplace." #xerotips
  20. Xero Roadshow 2013 - San Diego
  21. Xero Roadshow 2013 - San Diego
  22. Top tip from Miami today "Individuals play the game, but teams win the odds." from Joshua Gutter of Arthur Palermo CPA, @General_Gutta #xerotips
  23. Xero Roadshow - Miami top tip!
  24. Xero Roadshow - Miami