#sxsw: eBay to VC: lessons from the trenches

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  1. Stage agnostic. Goal be in the interesting company.
  2. Employee 200 at eBay. Love ecommerce, mobile. I'm the consumer guy at Andersseen.
  3. Pinterest. First is a beautiful thing. Real world discovery. It's all about engagement. Facebook is an accelerator for discovery of new companies.
  4. Manufacturing seredenpity.
  5. Pivot is more the rule than the exception.
  6. Trending area I like, market place, mobile, Fun part of the job, creativity.
  7. Really important to get an intro. You need to differentiate yourself from the clutter. Metrics help. We have 7B to invest. But it's a ruthless process.
  8. Seed valuations have gone up significantly. We participate now in TC automatic funding program.
  9. Don't go global, it has to work somewhere first, unless business is inherently global like Skype.
  10. Interesting question, is there a new consciousness for no free lunch?