SF muni shows a political & racist ad against Palestinians

I live in San Francisco, I use the Muni (public transport here). I find it shocking to see this kind of ads on their buses.


  1. Mark Matthews broke the news for ABC. 
  2. The group behind it is the so-called "American freedom defense Initiative" lead by Pam Geller (@Atlasshrugs). Please join me in telling her that it is plain wrong to call Palestinians "Savage". 
    Have you ever seen the movie Pocahontas? Well, you should.
  3. This kind of things would not be allowed in Europe.
  4. The reason SF muni accepted the ad was because the MTA (their equivalent in NYC) was sued by @atlasshrugs and lost the case.
  5. I looked on Twitter to see people's reactions and to my surprise, there weren't many of them. Though they were all against that campaign, which is a good thing.
  6. I can't believe that in 2012, in this Internet generation where we are all connected, where we all have access to the same knowledge, there are still people who would call opponents "Savage" and incite violence. This is just plain wrong and I hope we can unite against this kind of behaviors, as many of you did against homophobia in reaction to this story.
  7. In a civilized world, you respect people, whether they are gay, Palestinians, Israelis, Walloons, Flemish, ... They all have the right to live their way. And you certainly don't call them "Savage". That's it. 
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  9. Hat trick to Madonna who is using her position to share the same message of tolerance in her last concert in Russia.