KV Summit 2012

2-day CEO summit for Khosla Ventures portfolio companies (Storify is one of them).


  1. First presentation by @EricRies, author of the Lean Startup
  2. Then Bing Gordon from KPCB took the stage to talk about customer management as a dating experience.
  3. CEO of Lookout (John Hering) on his experience as an entrepreneur.
  4. Last presentation of this batch was about being certain, even when you are wrong (by Robert Burton)
  5. Dan Rose, VP partnerships Facebook
  6. Facebook is about two things: identity and sharing
  7. Every mockup in Mark's office are mobile first. It's the priority for this year.
  8. David Lawee, leveraging google (off the record)
  9. Samir from KV talk about raising money for clean tech outside of sand hill road.