Introducing Storify Business: Press round up


  1. The announcement
  2. Blog posts from top tech blogs:
  3. Storify’s usefulness to journalists is pretty clear — it helps them turn disparate social media updates into a coherent story. (The Denver Post used Storify in its Pulitzer Prize-winning coverage of the Aurora, Colo. shootings.) At the same time, Herman said it can be used by brands, PR agencies, and ad agencies, too.
  4. This plan is the first time the company has created paid premium accounts that has become available for individuals, businesses, and organizations — those who use the service for reporting and publishing.
  5. With Storify Business, you can pay a monthly fee to access features that were built for “professional journalists, agencies, brands, and bloggers.” It bridges the gap between the free service and the VIP, for those people that fall between regular user and large media organization.
  6. While publishers put their curated stories on the front page for their readers, other businesses can create private stories to take back to the office.
  7. Some of the reactions on social media:
  8. And from the Storify team: