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Interviews and talks

Some of the interviews and talks that I made recently


  1. Xavier Damman at TEDxBrussels
  2. From Belgium to Storify: Xavier Damman on creating a startup in Silicon Valley
  3. Mark Schaefer interviews Xavier Damman of Storify
  4. Storify's new iPad app makes it Twitter's Pinterest
  5. Keynote speech Xavier Damman on IBBT iMinds conference
  6. YouTube - ‪Who's Doing It Right: Storify‬‏
  7. The story behind Storify, new real-time curation service
  8. YouTube - ‪Google I/O Sandbox Case Study: Storify‬‏
  9. Xavier Damman "Web entrepreneurs emulated by their peers in the SF ecosystem"
  10. Xavier Damman (Storify) talks about social media optimization
  11. From idea of a Twitter App to in 24h