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The GamerGate-supporting journalist who hates gamers

A GamerGate-supporting journalist is shown by comedian Matt Binder to have made many claims reviling and demonizing gamers in the past. What might be his motives in suddenly changing his rhetoric into supporting a gamer-led movement?


  1. Comedian and podcaster Matt Binder (@MattBinder) recently took on Mike Cernovich, a lawyer who had been supportive of #GamerGate, for his facetious claims of being against bullying after his attack on people unrelated to the whole GamerGate situation. The full story can be seen here.
  2. Milo Yiannopoulos is a writer for the conservative news and opinion website Breitbart. Recently, he has allied to #GamerGate to fight what is described as unethical practices in game journalism. However, Matt seems to have found some information that puts into doubt his motives for joining the GamerGate movement.
  3. For someone claiming to be concerned with corruption in games journalism, Matt's retweets seem to show Milo definitely acting dismissive of gamers and gaming in general.
  4. But this tweet seemingly takes the crown, as Milo states that gamers' complaints are about "things no one has ever cared, ever". Quite strange for someone supporting a movement started by gamers.
  5. One of #GamerGate's main talking points has been claiming that the critics they oppose have been trying to prove that games are harmful. Here we see Milo doing the same thing.
  6. But he goes further. Matt shows that he links the action of school shooter Elliot Rodgers, perpetrator of the 2014 Isla Vista killings, to video games. Once again, it only seems stranger that this man might be defending a movement about corruption in video game journalism.
  7. #GamerGate supporters claim that since these tweets, Milo has reformed his opinions on games and converted into a full supporter of their movement. They also state he was always open about his previous attitude on gaming. - however, some of these tweets are from May of this year - that seems awfully fast for such a change of heart.
  8. Now, we might have a clue in Milo's tweet above - he seems to be trying hard to prove that Rodger's murders were motivated by something other than misogyny.
  9. Let's check out Milo's first piece on #GamerGate.
  10. While #GamerGate is supposed to be a movement on the ethics of Games Journalism, Milo seems to be trying hard to make it about feminism. If you look at the URL of the above link, you can even see that the original title of the article was "Lying, Greedy, Promiscuous Feminist Bullies are Tearing the Video Game Industry Apart". Nevermind that #GamerGate has been stating that feminists are very much accepted in the movement - and I see no reason to disbelieve them.
  11. You also see some of Milo's suspicious backpedaling on his previous claims - coinciding with when he found a platform.
  12. He does seem to be making this a lot more about feminism and promiscuity than ethics. Let's check out some more articles by him.
  13. NOW we get something about unethical journalism. But he still places feminists first and foremost in his list of targets.
  14. Milo's attacks on feminism are not exclusive to #GamerGate matters either. Here we see him calling Emma Watson's calls for men to fight for equality - which have been almost universally lauded, even by people who disapprove of some more extreme feminists - "pointless flagellation for sex-starved beta males".
  15. Now, Milo may have definitely had a full 180 degree turn on his view of gamers and sincerely joined #GamerGate... But sincerely, this seems more like he is allying with people he despises just to get a platform on which to preach against his favoured targets. An "enemy of his enemy" kind of situation.