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Royal event to tackle wildlife crime

Today (21st May) The Prince of Wales (WWF-UK’s President) joins his son, The Duke of Cambridge to host a high-profile conference at St James’s Palace on the urgent battle to end illegal trade in wildlife. Colleagues from WWF will be there so stay tuned to see how the day unfolds...


  1. The Duke of Cambridge makes a speech at the #Endwildlifecrime Conference
  2. WWF-UK's Glyn Davies said "It's one of the big illegal trades alongside arms, drugs. It's over $8 billion a year traded in wildlife alone and we of course very much appreciate the princes support convening this meeting today."
  3. And now for a very special guest : Tyke the sniffer dog, who is trained to detect illegal wildlife products coming into the UK.
  4. "Rhino horn has the same medicinal value as my big toenail" says Environment Secretary Owen Paterson,  now addressing attendees at today's royal event to tackle wildlife crime...
  5. Prince William stands to speak at the #endwildlifecrime conference, beginning: "I sincerely hope my generation is not the consider elephants, rhinos or same category as the Dodo"
  6. News from the room: HRH Prince Charles just said we need to find new solutions in the 'battle' against explosion of poaching to  
  7. The Prince of Wales and The Duke of Cambridge are soon to address the conference. Stay tuned...
  8. Lots of speeches this morning. So far we've heard from INTERPOL (world's largest police organisation), the CITES secretary general, Wild Aid, our partners TRAFFIC, as well as Professor Lee White of the National Parks of Gabon...
  9. “I sincerely believe that the world would be a poorer place without the wild animals which roam, as they have done for millions of years, across the remaining great open spaces of Africa" said The Prince of Wales in 1989. With this event today, these words are more important and relevant than ever.