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WSJ Readers React to Augusta National Admitting Female Members


  1. Augusta National Golf Club announced Monday it had invited former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and South Carolina financier Darla Moore to be its first women members.

  2. Many were happy with the decision, saying it was about time the club admitted women.
  3. About time; if golf is to continue to have any relevance in a world where the economic, political and business power of women is only increasing, then the powers that be in golf need to stop acting like it is an old boys club.
  4. Some questioned Augusta National's motives for admitting women now.
  5. Other users said they simply didn't care about the actions of a private club.
  6. There is nothing more important going on in the world??? Who cares what a golf club does, no matter how famous it is!
  7. A few people expressed reservations about the impact of admitting women. 
  8. Some readers expressed acceptance for, and in some cases preferred, same-gender golf clubs.
  9. I think it's okay for boys to have their own thing.
  10. There are virtues to same gender private clubs for both genders.
  11. Why can't we have women's club and they have mens clubs?